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Savoy Regulation During COVID19

Your safety is our priority

Dear Guests,

Savoy Group would like to safely welcome you back, as we will start opening our doors again starting from the 22nd of June 2020, till we open all our hotels by 13th of July 2020. We would like to share with you all our Hygiene, and disinfection procedures we took in cooperation with the Ministry of health with WHO.
We implement protection, and distancing protocols Focusing on both our guests and staff health.

Before Arrival:

To eliminate the time for registration upon arrival, you can register online via sending a mail with our registration form signed from your side.
You can send the registration form, and if any deposit made, in addition to all the documents necessary for check-in: National IDs or passports, birth certificates for kids, marriage certificates & deposit receipts
to Centralreservation@savoy-sharm.com.
If this step is not applicable from your side you will register normally upon your arrival, and it’s preferred to use your 

Upon arrival:

The temperature of all guests will be taken by using a non-contact infra-red thermometer.
Guests running a temperature of more than 37.5 C will be directed to the closest hospital/medical facility.
Guest luggage will be disinfected and cleaned by the entrance upon arrival.
All vehicles entering the hotel will be sprayed to be disinfected first.
Valet service will not be available.


  • The social distancing of at least two meters should be maintained all the time.
  • It’s recommended to use your own pen or a single-use pen to fill in any required documents.
  • It’s recommended to use a credit/debit card rather than cash to settle your payments.
  • Restricted area to be available in each reception area to separate suspected guests
  • All check-in procedures to be done through QR code in the reception area and to upload ID, Driving license, and any requested documents on it 


  • The maximum capacity for any room is two adults and two children (less than 12 years old).
  • Rooms will not be allocated next to each other; one vacant room at least will be kept in between.
  • Personal Protective Equipment PPE (Face masks, Gloves, and Sanitizer tissues) will be provided in all guest rooms, therefore kindly admit wearing and using it.


  • Room cleaning should be every two days or more, so extra amenities should be provided prior in the room
  • in case the guest needed any extra amenities will be handed from the door, not to enter the room, same goes if we picked dirty towels on a daily basis
  • employees directly contacting guests must wear face shields above the surgical masks. 
  • After check out, the room must be ventilated for 24 hrs then cleaned for the next check-in
  •  Public toilets should be adjusted to keep distances ( close one to one sink ) 


  • Separate the whole flow chart for quarantine striping.
  • Specify the sorting area with a table for quarantine striping.
  • Striping comes from quarantine rooms that should be washed in a separated washing machine.
  • Striping come from quarantine rooms should be washed at 71ºC for a minimum of 3 minutes 
  • cloths which must be washed below 70 ºC must provide specific dry clean, and burn the solvent after each wash
  • Striping come from quarantine rooms should be kept in an identified bag (Red color bag) and to not open and handle in the laundry before night shift (At 12:00 A.M.)
  • Touchable points should be recorded and disinfected 

Air Conditions:

  • We regularly clean, and disinfect all the air conditions.

Public areas:

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be distributed in reception, restaurants, bars, corridors, and all public areas, therefore kindly sanitize your hands frequently.
  • All parties and gathering events will be prohibited and all activities in the hotel will be minimized.
  • Shisha service will be prohibited.


  • Elevators load shall be limited to 50% of normal capacity.
  • People sharing the same room can use the elevator together, even if they exceed the permitted capacity for social distance

Pool & Beach areas:

  • A distance of two meters between sunbeds by the pool or beach will be set and please it’s not allowed to move or rearrange sunbeds.
  • Beach towels will be provided to each room on a daily basis.
  • Sunbeds shouldn’t be used without a towel under any circumstances.
  • You can use the Sea or pool while keeping social distance.


  • In the restaurants and outlets, a distance of two meters between tables will be kept and a distance of one meter between persons in the same table and only two people can share the same table.
  • Open buffet services will be totally banned and all food will be pre-ordered from a set menu.
  • In the restaurants: some tableware will be disposable (one-way use)
  • The main Restaurant will be operating together with one a la carte restaurant, that will change rotationally.

Food and beverage updates:

  • All menus to be online through QR code. Or WhatsApp number, one way used menu should be provided upon request
  • Any supplies requested for quarantine room must be provided at the assembly point at quarantine building entrance with distance 4 meters between quarantine employee and the F&B employee wears mask, gloves and face shield
  • employees directly contacting guests must wear face shields above the surgical masks. (Staff check temperature, room service, 
  • Family tables to be set up to 6 persons (Upon request)
  • To allow buffet in restaurants but to be closed and not to allow self-serving


  • Access to Sauna, Jacuzzi, steam rooms, and massage is prohibited.


  • The Gym will be opened and maintaining social distance regulations, and every machine will be disinfected after each use.
  • Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized every hour


  • Doctors will be available 24/7 in our premises, with all precautions, and coordination with the ministry of health.

Corona Virus Cases:

  • If the guest was diagnosed positive with COVID-19 during the stay, the hotel can provide a self-isolated accommodation against the charge, or transfer the guest to the nearby government hospital. The hotel remains the right to reject guests who are showing the symptoms of the disease including fever, cough, sore throat, and headache.
  • Our team members are well trained to deal with any cases or symptoms so please don’t hesitate to contact guest relation on phone in case of not feeling ok, or have any symptoms.

Quarantine building:

  • Room in quarantine building must be supplied with amenities at least for 7 days can up to 14 days.
  • Under no circumstances to enter the room, unless the guest is moved to another room and room left to be ventilated for 3 days at least. 
  • Any supplies requested for quarantine room must be provided at the assembly point at quarantine building entrance with distance 4 meters between quarantine employee which wears all setup of PPE (N95 mask, full suite, head and foot cover, gloves and face shield) and the other employee which wears mask, gloves and face shield 
  • Steam machine to be available in the corridor beside POSI trolley and specific trolley for dirty linen.
  • Wheelchair to be provided at the quarantine building entrance.
  • After the guest leaves the room, the cleaning process takes place after 3 days for the room to be ventilated well.
  • Dark curtains to be removed and only place light washable ones.
  • Plastic hangers only to be used.
  • Security To guard the building to prevent any in or out

Cancellation Policy:

  • We conducted a flexible cancellation policy for all our guests, just send us an email to Centralreservation@savoy-sharm.com, and we will take of the rest.

Points Expiration:

  • We will extend points expiration for three months from the expiration date, if you have any concerns about points expiration please send an email to savoyclub@savoy-sharm.com

If you have any further questions or requirements, we will be waiting for you to contact us on:
Reservation: Centralreservation@savoy-sharm.com
Contact No:(+20-69) 360 2510 / 16 I (+2) 0100 1605650
Savoy Club: savoyclub@savoy-sharm.com
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